June 13 – Rain-Out

Tonight’s LL game has been cancelled due to unplayable field conditions.  

Playoff Schedule Announcement

The Vosburgh and Little League playoff schedules have been established. They can be found by clicking the applicable division button from the menu above.

Please Note – In order to open the concession stand during the playoffs we will need volunteers to work. Please check the schedule and sign up to help! 

All Star Teams

Thank you to every player who made themselves available for All Star team consideration. Below are this seasons teams which we wish the very best of luck to in their district tournaments.

12 U Team

Coach’s – Boylan, Franco and Poole


  1. Chris Boylan
  2. Kyler Crump
  3. Kaden Durham
  4. Max Franco
  5. Zach Hensen
  6. Graydon Hickey
  7. Hunter Lines
  8. Eli McMahon
  9. Bryce Poole
  10. Sam Ripley
  11. Logan Stauber
  12. Evan Sullivan
  13. Benny Wilbur

10 U Team

Coach’s – Darnell, Fox and Sullivan


  1. Bryson Barron
  2. John Bishop
  3. Jack Brown
  4. Brody Darnell
  5. Camiron Durham
  6. Cameron Fox
  7. Miles Franco
  8. Lyle Hopkins
  9. Logan Juras
  10. Meiki Miles
  11. Brantley Peck
  12. Eric Sax
  13. Brady Sullivan

Syracuse Mets Little League Appreciation Night

The Syracuse Mets are hosting Little League Appreciation Night on Saturday June 15 at 7 PM. All coaches and players will receive free entry to the event. Tickets for the family are only $8. The first 3000 kids will receive a youth baseball jersey. There is also a fireworks display after the game. This event is normally well attended by all of district 8 Little League and certainly Homer Little League. It is an event you won’t want to miss! We will need a ticket count for our players and coaches.

Non coaches and players are responsible to buy their tickets on their own which you can do on-line or at the gate. The following on-line link will ensure you get tickets in the Homer LL section. Click to Order Little League Appreciation Night Tickets

Coaches and players (parents of players) may email Shawn Earle at homerll.information.officer@gmail.com with their ticket request. The following file contains the formal ticket requests for players and coaches that have been received by Shawn Earle (please allow 24 hours from the time of your request for this file to be updated).

Concession Stand

The concession stand plays an integral part of Homer Little League. It’s where players and spectators go to satisfy their hunger, thirst and sweet tooth during a game. It serves up delicious cheese burgers and hot dogs. It serves up the crunchiest popcorn. It serves up the hottest coffee and hot chocolate and the coldest gatorade, soda pop, water, milk and slushy’s! Do you like nacho’s…..because we have those too! We also have all your favorite candies as well as sunflower seeds. Doesn’t this make you hungry?! Well, now we just need to staff the concession stand on game days and evenings. Staffing the stand is the hard part for us. We generally only get about a dozen different people to work the stand throughout the season. We really want to double or triple the number of volunteers who work in 2019. Can you help us achieve a higher volunteer rate in our concession stand this season? Do you want to put a smile on the faces of our ball players and spectators? 

Shari Ripley is our concession stand manager and is on site most evenings throughout the season to help answer questions and to provide training! Below is a button that when pressed, will take you to the current schedule for the concession stand. Just pick the time slot(s) you want to work, provide the information requested and you are good to go! If you have any questions please email Shari at homerll.concessionmanager@gmail.com

Concession Stand Volunteers Needed!

Call for Umpires

Homer Little League is looking for a group of baseball enthusiasts to umpire our games.  Good pay, flexible scheduling and free food after every game you work! If you’re interested, please send your name, contact information, and experience (no experience is required!) to Julie Hopkins @ homerll.umpassigner@gmail.com

Homer LL Team App!

Homer Little League will once again have our own Smartphone App. Our App is another tool which will keep you up-to-date with league news, events, concession stand schedule and much more.

NOTE – If you signed up for our App last season then you don’t need to do anything additional as you should already be receiving notifications that we send out.

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