Our Diamond Division Move Up Game(s) give our ‘graduating’ Diamond players a ‘taste’ of what the following spring will be like when playing in the Vosburgh Division of Homer Little League. Key benefits of playing in this game include:

  • Players get to pitch in a game!
  • Players get to hit against player pitching!
  • Players get to steal bases!
  • Players get to play on the larger Vosburgh field!
  • Players to get to play with umpires who are calling balls and strikes!
  • Players gain confidence in themselves!
  • More baseball!

In addition to the move up game we would encourage graduating Diamond players to sign up for player pitch fall ball with Homer Little League.


North vs East on June 21 @ 6 PM

South vs West on July 5 @ 6 PM

This years move up teams are as follows:

North – Coaches Mark Bertram and Mike Falls

  1. Lucas Barbieri
  2. Alexander Betram
  3. Luke Bertram
  4. Padraig Falls
  5. Logan Gray
  6. Trent Greenfield
  7. Viviana Petrella
  8. Keziah Ripley
  9. Anand Constantino

South – Coach Dustin Darnell

  1. Bryson Barron
  2. Joe Congden
  3. Kamdyn Conger
  4. Brody Darnell
  5. Tavin Naylor
  6. Alexander Porter
  7. Gavin Wetherell
  8. Izabella Smith
  9. Mekhi Miles

East – Coaches Rich Spalding and Skeeter Martin

  1. John Bishop Jr.
  2. Jonathan Brown
  3. Cali Dugan
  4. Christian Markley
  5. Jack Medeiros
  6. Sean Spalding
  7. Daemon Compagni
  8. Chase Atkins
  9. Preston Ingraham
  10. Lucy Martin

West – Coaches Steve Franco and Brian Hall

  1. Ryder Armstrong
  2. Eli Donlick
  3. Shawn Elliott
  4. Miles Franco
  5. Cody Hall
  6. Logan Hall
  7. Walker Stone
  8. Brady Sullivan
  9. Joe Sonnacchio