Griggs Field – Our Home!

The Griggs Field Little League complex is located on Hudson Street within the village of Homer and is home to Homer Little League Baseball.

Ground¬†“rules” are posted at all entries and we ask that you fully respect others as well as the property¬†while attending games.

Parking for baseball can be found beyond the outfield fences of our two larger playing fields. There is also some parking on Hudson Street along the left field fence of the t-ball field.

Before games teams are encouraged to warmup in our two batting cages located beyond the outfield fence of the t-ball field. There is also a bullpen beyond the left field fence of Shawn Falter Field for pitchers and catchers to warmup.

Griggs Field has a bathroom which is unlocked on all game days and evenings. The bathroom is located on the west side of the concession stand building.

Griggs Field has several, well placed, aluminum bleachers for spectator seating. However, lawn chairs and/or a blanket are certainly welcomed to be used by those who prefer a softer seat during the game.

Griggs Field also has a centrally located concession stand serving up your favorite baseball snacks and drinks.